Helps promote Netsafety by informing teachers and parents of potential problems before encountering them and provides the best sites on the Internet to help keep kids safe online.


Netfiles Summer Edition 2012



Netfiles Spring Edition 2012

social media tips from Dr. Seuss quotes


Netfiles Winter Edition 2012



Netfiles Fall Edition 2011

Google Family Safety.


Netfiles Summer Edition 2011

connect safely


Netfiles Spring Edition 2011

Cyberbullying Research Center

protect your online reputation


Netfiles Winter Edition 2011

how to handle bullying


Netfiles Fall Edition 2011

Google on internet safety


Netfiles Summer Edition 2011



Netfiles Spring Edition 2011

internet driver's license


Netfiles Winter Edition 2011

safe navigation

appropriate electronic content


Netfiles Fall Edition 2009

10 things not to share on social networks


Netfiles Summer Edition 2009

keeping your students & your family safe online


Netfiles Spring Edition 2009

AT&T internet safety game for kids

"did you know" items about internet use


Netfiles Winter Edition 2009

keeping our kids safe online


Netfiles Fall Edition 2008

stay safe