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Netfiles Summer Edition 2012

Newport News Schools


Netfiles Spring Edition 2012

create a voki

create a wordle


Netfiles Winter Edition 2012

Developing Map Skills


Netfiles Fall Edition 2011

Creating Virtual Field Trips


Netfiles Summer Edition 2011

"Islands Of Theory Charles Darwin"
"Creature Feature: Contrasting The Adaptations Of Hummingbirds, Eagles & Owls"

Finches Of Galapagos


Netfiles Spring Edition 2011


French Gender

Flash French



Netfiles Winter Edition 2011

Talking Head Diplomat/Statesman iPod project

say what app

cool iris app


Netfiles Summer Edition 2011

science sites


Netfiles Spring Edition 2011

The Great Computer Challenge


Netfiles Winter Edition 2011

homework support


Netfiles Fall Edition 2009

Sheila Teri’s training wiki


Netfiles Summer Edition 2009

connecting students to their watershed


Netfiles Spring Edition 2009

ISTE NETS˙T certification

online professional development


Netfiles Winter Edition 2009

web museum


Netfiles Fall Edition 2008

Linda McCubbins’ political party webquest